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Bandit for Beginners...

What’s in the bag?

Pure Magic obvs! The bag contains fresh roasted whole coffee beans. Either 500g or 1kg. 


What if my machine needs ground beans not whole beans?

No problemo! Simply write in the comments section at checkout “PLEASE GRIND” (no dirty thoughts here!) – and we can do that. We also sell a terrific home grinder on our website under the essentials tab. It’s the BREVILLE SMART GRINDER PRO.


What if I’m using a French press / plunger?

We are in the process of stocking some really nifty plunger options with milk frothers. Considering your BANDIT bag will be delivered to your door regularly (when you order a subscription), you have heaps of free time to find your ideal coffee concoction using this old school setup. 


What if I’m a pod-person?

Don’t worry - we all started somewhere! The BANDIT crew are hard at work investigating this option. So those of you using pods such as Nespresso or Caffiltaly, and not yet ready to take the leap to beans… Watch this space.


I have a Nespresso machine, and want to now buy a fancy-shmancy coffee machine… can you point us in the right direction?

Absolutely – we recommend two machines from American made Breville. They are the BREVILLE BARISTA PRO and BREVILLE BARISTA TOUCH - which are very reasonably priced and well worth the investment, making a badass cup of coffee every time! They both take whole coffee beans, so are the ideal match for your BANDIT coffee. See the link to these under the essentials tab, and give us a call if you have more questions. 


What set up do the BANDIT CREW have?

Our home machine is the BREVILLE BARISTA PRO – because we love frothing the milk ourselves (it's kind of a competition to see who does it better) however the BREVILLE TOUCH does the milk froth for you – depending exactly on which type of coffee you are wanting to make – and it even stores the memory so once you have perfected your potion – it’s just one button press away!


How long are the beans fresh for?

You will receive your beans via courier within three days of them being roasted. This gives them time to degas and the aroma to develop. Once opened, the bag has a resealable tab, which means they are good-to-go for about three weeks. There won’t be anything wrong with them after this time – but they may just taste kinda “flat”. However, our plants love any unused ground coffee – true story! Great as a fertiliser, being a nutrient-rich organic material, so nothing goes to waste.


How many cups should a 500g bag be good for?

This will depend if you are making doubles or singles (what’s a single you ask ??)… but generally speaking – a 500g bag should be enough for 35 cups of a double shot espresso. 


How do I know when you will be roasting to ensure I get a fresh bag?

That is the beauty of buying BANDIT – we won’t send you old coffee! NO PRESERVATIVES. We roast on demand, and locally. We generally roast once a week on Wednesdays, meaning you will have your bag by the weekend. For example, if you order on a Friday and miss that weeks roast order, you will need to wait a week for the next batch to be freshly roasted. All the more reason to sign up for a subscription, meaning regular coffee deliveries, because let’s be honest … nobody likes waiting!


What is a coffee subscription?

There just never seems to be enough hours in the day, with home schooling and zoom meetings thrown in the mix – we have run out of coffee beans once, and don’t wish it on our worst enemy. So, to avoid world war 3, we came up with a coffee subscription… pretty simple – no hectic Ts and C’s:

  1. Choose your favourite blend, and bag size.
  2. Decide if you want a 2 week or 4 week frequency.
  3. Wait for the doorbell!


You will receive an email a few days before the next delivery reminding you - and allowing an autopay transaction depending on your preferred payment method. This email will also have the option to cancel the subscription, BUT we don’t impose any nasty notice period – so please don’t be an *ss, rather drop us a message with plenty of warning if you are going to cancel.


What is a subscription combo ?

This “combo” includes two of our MILKLAB barista alternative milk’s to your subscription. Check it out under the subscriptions tab.


Tell us about MILKLAB? What is “alternative” milk?

We know we are not baby cows – so dairy doesn’t suit us all. We stumbled across this Australian barista-milk alternative range during a Cape Town-COVID-lockdown, and wow its taking over! It is specifically designed to be paired with coffee, meaning it froths well, and compliments the beans flavour profile. We stock Coconut, Almond and Macadamia! We love that they are not hormone-heavy like soya milk, and not calorie-crazy like oat milk. 


Are we on social media?

Duh. @banditcoffeehk 

Please feel free to post pics of you enjoying your coffee – if we like your shout outs, we might send you some free merch.


Why no decaf option?

Just because. 

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