So, how does this work?

When is the coffee roasted?

Our coffee is roasted locally and on demand every Wednesday.

When can I expect my order?

Our coffee is roasted on Wednesdays and is shipped out within 1-2 business days. The cut off time for weekly orders is 7pm on Tuesday.

For example, if you order on a Friday, you will receive your coffee on the coming Thursday. However, if you order on a Wednesday morning, you will need to wait until after the next roast day (approximately 8-10 days) to receive your coffee as the coffee for the week is already at our roasters getting toasty.

All the more reason to sign up for a subscription, meaning regular coffee deliveries, because let’s be honest nobody likes waiting!

What is a coffee subscription?

  1. Choose your favourite blend or single origin coffee.
  2. Decide if you want your coffee delivery every 2 weeks or once monthly.
  3. Wait for the doorbell!

You will receive an email a few days before the next delivery reminding you - and allowing an autopay transaction depending on your preferred payment method. You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

How long are the beans fresh for?

After the beans are roasted, it takes a few days for the beans to degas and the aroma to develop. Once the bag has been opened, the beans are in their optimal state for about 3 months. Afterwards, there won't be anything wrong with the beans themselves but the fragrance and taste my slightly change.

How many cups of coffee can I get from a 500g bag?

Approximately 35 cups of your favourite brew.

Are we on social media?

Duh. @banditcoffeehk

Please feel free to post pics of you enjoying your coffee – if we like your shout outs we might send you some free merch.