How to Make Bandit Drip Coffee Filter Bags

How to Make Bandit Drip Coffee Filter Bags

Hello Banditos,

It's finally happened! Drip coffee bag filters are here for all of your favourite Bandit brews and just in time for summer. We've all been there, we're on holiday and we get into the hotel only to discover the horrid and abysmal... instant coffee sachets. Yuck. Bandit drip coffee filter bags are perfect for banditos on the move, for travel, for the office, for really just about anywhere! If you've never used a drip coffee bag filter or are looking to maximise your drip coffee bag's flavour you've come to the right post.

Bandit Drip Bags are Environmentally Friendly

Most drip bags on the market today are individually packed so in an effort to be more environmentally sustainable our drip bags come in one resealable bag to keep them fresh.

Note: Please use scissors to open the bag. Cut just above the tin tie for easy resealing. 

For Best Brewing Results:

  1. Gently tap that sachet so that all the coffee is even to avoid spillage. 
  2. Rip open the sachet and place over favourite coffee mug or travel bottle.
  3. Boil approximately 180ml of water (between 85-100 degrees). A general rule of thumb for drip coffee or any manual coffee pour is for every 1 gram of coffee used 17g of water, a 1:17 ratio. Our sachets have 10 grams of coffee in them so we recommend using about 180ml of water (about half the size of a standard coffee mug). 

  4. Now here is the important bit...  pour 20ml of water to start with on your first pour. This helps initiate the coffee's blooming process which sets the stage for the rest of the brewing. After the first pour WAIT 20-30 seconds before SLOWLY pouring the remaining water into the drip bag in a circular motion. The slower you pour the water the stronger your coffee will be.
  5. Remove drip bag filter and enjoy your fresh brew!

And that's it folks! Take these freshly roasted drip bags on your next adventure. Better yet, tag us in your socials @banditcoffeehk while you're doing it for a chance to win some free swag! 

Have questions? Feedback? We're all ears over here. Contact us and shoot us a message.